Dean Markley Artist Transducer Acoustic Pickup
Dean Markley

Dean Markley Artist Transducer Acoustic Pickup

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The Artist Transducer from Dean Markley is a piezo pickup contained in a maple wood housing designed for use with acoustic instruments. It can be used to capture sound in audio applications for a variety of instruments such as guitar, violin, cello, stand-up-bass, banjo, mandolin, piano, horn, or practically anything else you would want to amplify.

The Artist Transducer reacts through compression rather than just bending, compared to other piezo pickups. It delivers a high-quality natural acoustic tone and comes with mounting adhesive designed to be attached and removed many times without hurting the finish of the instrument. The transducer is hardwired to a 10′ cable and terminates in a male 1/4″ connector.

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